Premature Ejaculation

Ever heard the saying, “It can’t come quick enough”? Well, unfortunately that rule doesn’t apply when it comes to sex. It’s true that there are many occasions when speed is a good thing, but I think we can all agree that sex is not one of them.

Premature ejaculation is a serious, yet remarkably common condition, which is incredibly distressing for those that suffer, not to mention their partners. It refers specifically to when a man experiences an orgasm, or expels semen soon after sexual activity begins and with very little penile stimulation. Thought to affect 20-30% of men, less than quarter of whom fail to seek proper medical advice[1], this disorder has a great many of us far too embarrassed to even admit we have a ‘problem’. The actual number that suffers is likely to be much higher for this very reason.

The devastating effects caused by premature ejaculation are emotional as well as physical. The inability to fully satisfy a partner can inspire feelings of inadequacy and affect confidence on a daily basis. Dramatically impacting on quality of life, in many cases it results in severe anxiety and depression. Those that do report a problem typically complain of relationship distress, and some men refrain from pursuing sexual relationships altogether.

How the Private Gym can improve ejaculatory control

A strong pelvic floor can alleviate premature ejaculation. Having greater muscular control over the pelvis will enable you to retain better control over your thrusts, and, as such, when you ejaculate. Conversely, a weak muscle structure affords little control.

Rebuilding strength in the pelvic floor using the Private Gym programme can also help to restrict blood flow out of the penis, enabling long lasting erections, thereby delaying orgasm further.

So act quickly; the Private Gym will help you to take back control when it comes to your sex life!

Increase ejaculatory force

Over time, ejaculation and orgasms can become less intense. A strong pelvic floor has the ability to create powerful contractions that propel the semen from the penis with great force. As the pelvic floor muscles weaken with age, it can result in semen dribbling out, without a great deal of power. The sensations felt are likely to have the same momentum. Pelvic muscle training with the Private Gym can increase ejaculatory volume, force and intensity of sexual climax.

So what are you waiting for?


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