Tension Myalgia

pg-diagramIs that constant feeling of pressure in your lower back and abdomen becoming a real pain? Well, despite the prevalence of chronic pelvic and rectal pain, the muscles are all too often overlooked as the source of the problem. Tension myalgia can occur for a number of different reasons, but it is most commonly associated with the over stretching of a muscle or muscle group. This could essentially mean that the pelvic floor muscles are unusually tight and are therefore causing pain. In addition to being extremely painful, tension myalgia can also affect urinary, bowel and sexual health.

Those that suffer with it know all too well how distressing it can be. That aching sensation felt in the lower back, pelvis, lower abdomen, tailbone, hips, abdomen or rectum can be extremely debilitating. It can even lead to simple day to day activities being deemed impossible.

Choosing a treatment option can also be a real pain, but the Private Gym can help!


By learning how to relax the muscles, it is possible to minimise the pain experienced. The Private Gym programme not only focuses on contracting the muscles, but also on the need for relaxation. This can be an extremely effective method of treatment for tension myalgia.