How the Private Gym Programme Works

FDA Registered Kegel Exercise Training Programme for Men

Just how will the Private Gym help increase the muscle strength in your pelvic floor?

For more than two years, we have worked alongside leading healthcare experts to develop the most effective Kegel exercise routines, specifically targeted at men.

All it takes is 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week to strengthen the pelvic floor in order to prevent and treat various disorders including erectile dysfunction and bladder/bowel weakness. On top of that it will really boost your sexual performance.

So, why not employ a personal trainer for the muscles that matter?

How the programme works

  • Male Pelvic MusclesResponsible for erectile function and bladder/bowel control, a strong pelvic floor is vital for a healthy body and mind. As with most things, the pelvic floor is likely to deteriorate with age.
  • Make the Pelvic Muscles StrongerStay strong! Exercising the pelvic floor will build strength and tone, resulting in longer lasting erections and better overall urinary and prostate health.
  • Private Gym's 4-week Interactive Basic Training ProgramLearn the basics of performing Kegel exercises, with the Private Gym’s 4 week interactive Basic Training Programme. You will be guided through a series of highly effective exercises designed to build initial strength.
  • Private Gym's 8-week Interactive Complete Training ProgramBe completely satisfied, with the Private Gym’s interactive Complete Training Programme. In addition to Basic Training, this programme includes revolutionary equipment for 4 additional weeks of resistance training. This will enable you to achieve optimum muscle strength.