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Private Gym Basic Training Programme

basic_training_smNot everything requires treatment with drugs. So, when it comes to sexual function and bladder/bowel control, why not try going back to basics?

This programme features a series of specialised exercises, specifically designed for those that wish to build initial strength in their pelvic floor. A basic idea that’s proven to work!

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Private Gym Complete Training Programme

complete-training_smGet in the best shape of your life with the Private Gym Complete Training Programme!

In addition to Basic Training, includes the Private Gym’s FDA registered resistance training equipment.

Men that wish to achieve maximum muscle strength and really enhance sexual performance will find it difficult to resist.

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Feature/BenefitBasic TrainingComplete Training
Expertly designed follow-along training program to build initial pelvic muscle strength
Interactive DVD and Resource Guide
Choice of a male or female trainer to guide you through the routine
FDA registered Private Gym resistance equipment
Expertly designed follow-along resistance training program for maximizing muscle growth
Convenient and discreet carrying case
Free UK Delivery
And it's discreet!

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