Want to hear what other men have to say?

Don’t just take our word for it; The Private Gym programme has undergone an extensive clinical trial to affirm its efficacy. Hear what the participants had to say, and how following the programme has changed their lives, in these incredible video testimonials.

Clinical Trial Participant #1 – Jeff, Age 60

  • The DVD was excellent
  • There was a major difference when I added weight to the programme
  • Get greater confidence
  • Experience a harder erection & a more sustained sexual encounter
  • I’m testament that it works

Clinical Trial Participant #2 – Drew, Age 24

  • Right after I started the programme I could intentionally give myself an erection
  • It’s dick-cersising to get you harder for longer
  • The programme is really simple to follow
  • The weight gives you something to exercise with
  • Highly beneficial, even to younger men

Clinical Trial Participant #3 – Maceo, Age 50

  • I first started noticing results after a week
  • Over 50s need to train for the bedroom, the Private Gym is the best way to go
  • You’ll get a harder erection
  • Both you and your partner will experience more sexual pleasure
  • You’ll have more confidence

Clinical Trial Participant #4 – Scott, Age 49

  • Before the programme my sexual performance wasn’t very good
  • Each week it has improved
  • I like the simplicity; just follow the instructions on the DVD and that’s all it takes
  • My confidence has improved knowing that I am able to please my partner
  • It has helped my life dramatically